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A slight deviation can make all the difference

PraxisNow is a digital marketing solution provider, but with a very specific leaning towards sales.

And it took “only” ten years to realise it! Since PraxisNow’s beginning in 2005 we’ve seen so many marketing budgets being radically depleted by beautifully designed digital media solutions. Combined with “enabling” technologies including eCommerce,  much of the marketing budget was absorbed into “facilitating” the sale and improving the User Experience. All very important – but missing something very core to achieving online success.

None of the above drives sales. The difference between facilitating the sale, whether that is a B2B lead capture or a direct B2C eCommerce transaction, and driving sales is the establishment of an effective online presence within the targeted sector. That means understanding and applying not just techniques to attract pre-qualified buyers from  a targeted persona, but understanding that persona’s purchasing behaviours and aligning your sales process accordingly.

While we know that the user experience and excellent digital media design and presentation are extremely important, our slant towards sales is the key driver of everything we do. We serve companies in Ireland from across all industry sectors, both B2B and B2C. We provide digital selling solutions that focus on all parts of the digital sales process including:

  • Identifying your target persona’s digital behaviours
  • Mapping out your online sales process
  • Aligning your sales process to your Buyer’s purchasing behaviour
  • Helping you develop lead capture propositions if you are B2B, or improved conversion processes if you are transaction focused B2C
  • Designing and structuring sales lead nurturing campaigns
  • Digital policy development
  • Growing relevant visitor traffic capable of buying from you
  • Development / elaboration of your online value propositions
  • Digital lead generation
  • Landing page adaptation for optimum conversions
  • Content planning, deployment & distribution
  • Building more buyer traffic using channels such as SEO, PPC, Email and others
  • International search marketing
  • Digital strategy planning & development – including digital process development
  • On-going coaching and mentoring programmes for your marketing team
  • RFP and digital brief preparation & assessment
  • Digital on-boarding of acquisitions and mergers
  • Corporate policy development on digital matters
  • Specialist, practitioner-level training in all areas of digital marketing

Why Choose PraxisNow?

We bring together a combination of fresh, original thinking in digital marketing with substantial practical experience in both direct selling (national and international) and digital marketing.

Whether you are at the very beginning of your journey or at an advanced stage in your understanding of digital marketing, we would welcome hearing from you. PraxisNow has come up with numerous solutions for clients with a wide range of challenges and the chances are, that if we cannot immediately equate your challenge to one of them, then our experience base will certainly help in formulating an effective solution to the challenges you face.

Client sample – a diverse client mix with a wide project breadth & depth