4 mornings over 4 weeks – with SEO Practitioner Certification

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This Advanced SEO Course has been merged with PraxisNow’s SEO Certificate Course (click here). If you have some SEO experience and would nevertheless like to do this one-ro-one training separately, please contact us at the number below.


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With the advent of semantic search and a deeper understanding of content marketing’s true potential, there has never been a better time, nor has it been more important, to stay one or more steps ahead of your competition in organic search. PRAXISNOW’s Advanced SEO training course not only teaches you the subtleties of advanced tactics in search engine optimisation, but will show you how to get your finger on the SEO pulse – and keep it there.

Recent participants on this Advanced SEO course include: SEO Companies .

If you have completed PraxisNow’s beginner-to-intermediate level SEO Training, you will have already been up-skilled in current best practice in search engine optimisation. Indeed, that programme alone is a cut above any other SEO training course you can do in Ireland. So why would you follow it up with Advanced SEO training? In a nutshell, to accelerate several steps ahead of your competition and to get a tactical grip on how SEO can be applied across every piece of content your organisation creates and every digital channel it engages.

In essence, this means that the disciplines of SEO can be integrated, at process level, right across your wider digital marketing initiative. When this is done, the impact on your content marketing effort will be significant, your brand will achieve wider levels of awareness and your direct response marketing will achieve a higher return on your investment.

Google’s continuing evolution to semantic search results is a radical paradigm shift. Moving away from keyword-based results towards search intent-based results means that a radical shift is required in the way we produce and distribute content. Without a design-level alignment between the end user problems and solutions you address in your content and your target persona’s buying behaviours, the asset value of your content is lost. Advanced SEO helps you to understand your persona at this deeper level and will show youhow to achieve this “intent” alignment.

The Advanced SEO programme has the following learning outcomes:

  • To give you incremental SEO tactics that focus on buyer intent
  • To help you integrate SEO processes into your content marketing initiative
  • To help you create better content by zoning in on the value propositions that are important in different stages of your end user’s buyer cycle
  • To help you get and stay one or more steps ahead of your competitors.
  • To help you keep your finger on the pulse of SEO algorithm and best practice updates without spending excessive time on becoming too academic!

Who is it for

Anyone who has completed PRAXISNOW’s 4-week beginner-to-intermediate SEO training course may register for this Advanced SEO training. In certain circumstances, if you are already practicing SEO and feel that you may be ready for this a programme, PraxisNow will make a determination of your suitability even though you have not completed the first level course. This determination will be made on the basis of (1) That would benefit from the programme, (2) That your participation would not hold back other participants, and (3) That PraxisNow could stand over the certification that would be awarded. Please do contact us if you feel that you meet this criteria.

Advanced SEO Course Format

This is a small-group (min. 2 max 8 participants), round-table format with interactive discussion and live analysis / demonstrations of concepts as they are covered. The level of SEO expertise around the table is likely to be significant so avoid this programme if you are new to SEO!

Scheduled Workshops:

There are four morning workshops in this programme, spread over a four week period (see dates and times at the top of this page). Participants are advised not to miss any workshop as this would disadvantage them in all following workshops. In very special circumstances, PRAXISNOW may be able to accommodate a short, private one-to-one briefing on a missed workshop that will be sufficient to allow you continue on the programme. Please note that this will not always be possible.

.To check availability or to reserve your place on this programme, call: 01-2360076