(by live video)

Whatever your current SEO level is, this five week advanced SEO course will take you from being relatively new to SEO, to a level that will empower you with a sustainable SEO execution advantage.

Advanced SEO course Certification

STARTS: Tuesday 28th September 2021. 11.00am – 12.00/12.30pm by video.

DURATION & FORMAT: Tuesdays (live learning) & Fridays (live Q&A) for five weeks

DATES: | week 1: 28th Sep & 1st Oct’21 | week 2: 5th & 8th Oct’21 | week 3: 12th & 15th Nov’21 | week 4: 19th & 22nd Oct’21| week 5: 26thh & 29th Oct’21| – all times 11.00am – 12.00/12.30pm depending on topic.

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to “up their game” in digital marketing and search engine optimisation is perhaps the single channel where most of that “game” is reaping benefits. But to be mediocre at SEO is to weaken your business’ hand in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive online world. SEO is unforgiving. If you are not in the top three organic places on Google in particular against hundreds of “pre-qualifying” search behaviour targets, you are handing those potential customers to your competitors. This advanced SEO training course can’t force you to change, but it will put you on a path where, if you are willing to build on it, your business’ trading landscape can change.


VENUE: The comfort of your home or office.

REGISTRATION: Email or call +353-1-2360076

PAYMENT: Direct Transfer, Revolut or Paypal

Few SEO projects are exactly the same. More often than not, there are SEO challenges to crack BEFORE you embark on a path to organic ranking improvement. Recognising those challenges is a core part of SEO strategy and getting your strategy right is essential to successful outcomes. This programme is designed to help you get on the right path quickly and effectively. It incorporates a layer of SEO competency that will place you head and shoulders above your competitors and gives you an execution methodology that will be the foundation of your future SEO success. You will also enjoy it!

If SEO was only this straight-forward

It’s often relatively easy to get SEO results for a website that was never previously search-optimised. Even though Google only declares less than 25% of its organic ranking algorithm, implementing that 25% well and combining it with what we know with some certainty, exists in the remaining 75%, has an excellent probability of acquiring meaningful results in Google’s organic listings.

. . . but it isn’t

But that’s rarely the case. More often than not, SEO practitioners are faced with websites that have previously been poorly search-optimised or have previously been well search-optimised but, through lack of attention or updating, have fallen down the rankings. Even websites that have previously been penalised by Google for bad SEO practice, by design or otherwise, and websites that have never been successfully recovered, are standard fare SEO projects that arise regularly. The myriad of SEO scenarios that can arise therefore demand a set of SEO skills that transcends a basic understanding, to achieve a successful SEO outcome.

A Personal Note

PraxisNow’s business model has changed significantly over the years since it started in 2005. Today, while its business still remains 100% SEO, it is now substantially comprised of direct SEO project implementation and SEO mentoring. Time has been a barrier to running SEO training courses in recent years. Nevertheless, one of my first loves is life-long learning and also teaching. So, in order to fulfil my own work preference, I’ve put together this advanced SEO course as an amalgamation of PraxisNow’s previous SEO Practitioner Certification programme and it’s Advanced SEO programme. This will be my first COVID-19 era training course. However as I do all of my SEO mentoring now using video (Zoom, Teams, Skype, and many more!), I have no doubt as to its impact and effectiveness.

So regardless of your current level in SEO, buckle up – this programme will be challenging, enjoyable and perhaps most of all, it will empower you with the SEO execution skills to get ahead of your competition. See you soon.

To check availability or to reserve your place on the programme, just email John directly or call: 01-2360076