The Advanced SEO Course designed exclusively for PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitioners

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Group 1: 1st & 2nd August’19 (sorry – this course is full)
Group 2: 14th & 15th November’19 (max 5 places available)

A two-morning, private-registration (by invitation) advanced SEO course that is especially designed for current PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitioners – see  Certified Practitioner SEO Course details. There is a maximum of five participating companies per group on a first-to-register basis. To attend this programme, you must first have completed PraxisNow’s SEO certification programme << read more >>


VENUE: PraxisNow, Suite 403 Nesta Business Centre, Sandyford

Call 01-2360076 to register for this course.

As a PraxisNow Certified SEO practitioner, already your knowledge of SEO is the best out there. But few SEO projects are exactly the same. More often than not, there are SEO challenges to crack BEFORE you embark on a path to organic ranking improvement. This programme is designed to help you get on the right path quickly and effectively. It is a layer of SEO competency that will place you head and shoulders above your competitors. And because you know how PraxisNow SEO courses are run, you will thoroughly enjoy it!

If SEO was always this straight-forward

It’s often relatively easy to get SEO results for a website that was never previously search-optimised. Even though Google only declares less than 25% of its organic ranking algorithm, implementing that 25% well and combining it with what we know with some certainty, exists in the remaining 75%, has an excellent probability of acquiring meaningful results in Google’s organic listings.

. . . but It Isn’t

But that’s rarely the case. More often than not, SEO practitioners are faced with websites that have previously been poorly search-optimised or have previously been well search-optimised but, through lack of attention or updating, have fallen down the rankings. Even websites that have previously been penalised by Google for bad SEO practice, by design or otherwise, and websites that have never been successfully recovered, are standard fare SEO projects that arise regularly. In many cases, the owners of those websites don’t even know that they were penalised or their previous SEO partners consciously concealed it (it’s true!). SEO troubleshooting is therefore a key skill-set to acquire as it determines the correct path to travel in order to achieve a successful SEO outcome.

Advanced SEO Course

Advanced SEO Troubleshooting might have just been called Advanced SEO. But it is the troubleshooting descriptor that separates this SEO course out from all the rest. There is nothing like this available on the open market in Ireland – principally because the population of SEO-aware people who could grasp its concepts is relatively small. It is therefore not commercial to run as an open programme. For this reason, without any marketing effort behind it, the course has been created exclusively for Certified SEO Practitioners who will benefit most from it.

Advanced SEO Troubleshooting Learning Outcomes:

  • Where to start in a challenging SEO project
  • How to know that your task is troubleshooting and not SEO implementation (yet!)
  • What kind of SEO audit is meaningful in this context
  • Using your head first, tools later
  • Performance curves and what you can tell from them
  • What tools are most useful for different parts of the troubleshooting process
    • Not necessarily the ones with the most data
    • visualisation of useful information is just as important
  • what does the new Google search console tell us that the old one didn’t
    • how can we use it to SEO troubleshoot?
  • Types of frequently occurring SEO issues that are;
    • easy to track down / validate
    • difficult to track down / verify
    • impossible to know for sure!
  • Now that you know or suspect what the issue(s) is / are, how do you go about fixing it?
  • Do you really need to fix it? Are there times when it’s more time-efficient to work around it?
  • Build an SEO Troubleshooting experience library

Who is it for

Anyone who has completed PRAXISNOW’s 4-week Certified Practitioner SEO training may register for this Advanced SEO course. In exceptional circumstances, if you are already practicing SEO and feel that you may be ready for this advanced SEO training, PraxisNow will make a determination of your suitability even though you have not completed the first level course. This determination will be made on the basis of (1) That you would benefit from the programme, and (2) that your participation would not hold back other participants. Please do contact us if you believe that you meet this criteria.

Advanced SEO Course in SEO Troubleshooting Format

The programme is run in small-groups (min. 2 max 5 participants per group), round-table format with interactive discussion and live analysis / demonstrations of concepts as they are covered. The level of SEO expertise around the table is likely to be significant so avoid this programme if you are new to SEO! Try this one first – click here

Scheduled Workshops:

As this is a custom designed advanced SEO course for currently Certified SEO Practitioners, just four groups have been scheduled, each comprised of two morning workshops. There will be a maximum of five companies per workshop. The scheduled dates are as follows:

Group 1: New dates in October and November will be announced shortly
Group 2: As above

To check availability or to reserve your place in one of these groups, just email John directly or call: 01-2360076