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Online Value Proposition

Your Website's Online Value Proposition There are several kinds of online value proposition that you will need to consider when you are using your website for sales lead generation or direct selling (eCommerce). And yet, this is an area where many websites come up short. Value Proposition Before looking at each proposition type, it [...]


In principle, the idea of content marketing is a good one; create lots of content that is compelling for its targeted audience, distribute it widely across multiple channels and do it regularly. The more of it your company produces and distributes, the bigger and wider its digital footprint becomes. And yet, so many companies have [...]

Bad SEO Experiences are Regular Occurrences

WARNING: This is a bit of a read, but could save you time and cost. One of the enormously enjoyable facets of my work as a full-time SEO practitioner is that I get to work in many different industries. In the early stages of an SEO project, I typically need to do a deep dive into [...]

Marketing Personas – An SEO marketing perspective

A marketing persona is a detailed demographic, professional and perhaps even more importantly, behavioural profile of the prospective customer(s) you are targeting. As a marketer, your goal is not only to get in front of your target persona but to present to them your value proposition in terms that align to their priorities. The better you [...]

Stop wasting your digital marketing budget

Is your digital marketing budget depleted by fluff? Let's consider three types of "fluff" that totally saps your digital marketing budget. Specifically, this is the stuff you are doing and [probably] paying for, that has no actual bearing on your performance as a business. DIGITAL MARKETING BUDGET FLUFF 1: Focusing your digital spend on [...]