Online Sales Process

Online Value Proposition

Your Website's Online Value Proposition There are several kinds of online value proposition that you will need to consider when you are using your website for sales lead generation or direct selling (eCommerce). And yet, this is an area where many websites come up short. Value Proposition Before looking at each proposition type, it [...]

Why Software CEO’s Need to Get a Grip on Digital Marketing

SELLING SOFTWARE IS DIFFERENT NOW The way Software companies sell in 2015 is radically different to the way they used to sell. Personal relationships and perceived value based on specialist subject matter expertise are still as key as they ever were. But . . . . . . opening up new sales opportunities and developing those [...]

SEO Marketing and Your Sales Process

Selling is Tough! Before getting into SEO marketing in 2004, I spent 20 years of my career selling - mostly internationally and mostly in software and high technology markets. For me, by far the toughest piece in selling was prospecting - finding new sales opportunities. I was never good at cold calling and often struggled [...]

The Value of a Sales Lead

HOW MUCH IS A SALES LEAD REALLY WORTH TO YOU? The value of a sales lead is a measure of how much would you are willing to pay for a "qualified" sales enquiry. You may correctly consider that it depends on a few things - for example: The size of your gross margin per sale. [...]

Conversion Optimisation & Your Compelling Value Proposition

Few businesses know what "conversion optimisation" is - so are you ready to join the minority? [box type="info"] It is the act or process of arriving at the most effective page structure and content on your website that induces a visitor to take whatever action you want them to take. [/box]

Mapping your Online Sales Process

Regardless of how well your website performs on Google or how effectively it converts its visitor traffic into new sales enquiries, if your follow-up process is poor, at the end of the day - you don't get the sale. So, what can you do to ensure that you have a solid follow-up process? Map it [...]

Digital Lead Generation

Digital lead generation refers to capturing prospective sales enquiries directly as a result of your digital market presence. This includes capturing a name and email address from your website, receiving an inbound telephone call where the number was picked up from your website, or any other digital channel such as display advertising, email marketing etc... [...]