SEO Marketing and Your Sales Process

Selling is Tough! Before getting into SEO marketing in 2004, I spent 20 years of my career selling - mostly internationally and mostly in software and high technology markets. For me, by far the toughest piece in selling was prospecting - finding new sales opportunities. I was never good at cold calling and often struggled [...]


In principle, the idea of content marketing is a good one; create lots of content that is compelling for its targeted audience, distribute it widely across multiple channels and do it regularly. The more of it your company produces and distributes, the bigger and wider its digital footprint becomes. And yet, so many companies have [...]

Bad SEO Experiences are Regular Occurrences

WARNING: This is a bit of a read, but could save you time and cost. One of the enormously enjoyable facets of my work as a full-time SEO practitioner is that I get to work in many different industries. In the early stages of an SEO project, I typically need to do a deep dive into [...]

Semantic Search & Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

In September 2013, Google released its Hummingbird algorithm. Interestingly, it did not announce it until a month after it went live to see if the usual backlash of outcries of foul play etc... still happened. There was silence. When they announced it a month later in October 2013, there followed major outcries of Google playing [...]

Marketing Personas – An SEO marketing perspective

A marketing persona is a detailed demographic, professional and perhaps even more importantly, behavioural profile of the prospective customer(s) you are targeting. As a marketer, your goal is not only to get in front of your target persona but to present to them your value proposition in terms that align to their priorities. The better you [...]

10 reasons to care about your organic Google search footprint

It is amazing the number of companies who still don't care about their company website's performance on Google. Perhaps because they do not believe that effective international SEO is within their reach - whatever the reason,  they may never discover the new doors that it may open. So here are ten reasons why your [...]

SEO is Risky – even by an SEO Expert

No matter what their credentials are, no SEO expert can give you guarantees of placement against a specific target key-phrase. There are good reasons for this. In the first instance, Google only declares perhaps 70% of the "algorithm" it uses to place one web page over another. If it declared 100%, not only would it [...]