Content Marketing in Context

The term “content marketing” refers to a digital marketing tactic that contributes across many of your digital channels. In Inbound Marketing, the idea of producing and regularly releasing content (across multiple channels and in changing forms) that aligns to different stages in your target persona’s buying cycle, is a key way of acquiring a meaningful digital marketing presence.

Tracking access to all this content is an excellent way to digitally qualify potential sales leads based on what specific content they have consumed.

Having an effective content deployment policy will ensure that your ever-building content repository will serve you as a sustainable digital asset.

Content is NOT King – you must first crown it.

Before producing reams of content, you will need to consider the purpose of each piece of content, how its performance will be measured and how it can be most effectively distributed.

The adage that “content is king” is both naive and dangerous. Content for content sake is a waste of valuable resource.

Clarity of purpose will help you balance the generation of content for every buyer cycle stage. Formal content deployment and distribution policies will ensure that every piece of content you create will be quality-assured before it is released. In addition, since every piece of content will have a purpose, you will need to implement tracking analytics in a way that measures purpose accomplishment. By tracking content performance against specific goals, you are hugely improving your  likelihood of success.

PraxisNow’s role in your content marketing can be all-encompassing or can be an arms length / directional input only. Contact us if you would like to discuss this.



Consider a mix of day-to-day blog posts, video, infographics and premium opt-in content


The payback is big when done correctly. It is a complete waste of time when done incorrectly.


Create some of it directly, Outsource some of it, Curate some of it, Syndicate some of it


Create a balanced content plan between topical content. soft selling and hard selling.


Create a calendar based on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly release goals as appropriate


Your content calendar needs to be realistic. If your deployment policy is good enough, a little will go a long way.