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Venue: PraxisNow, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18.
Times: 1st Morning: 9.00am-12.30pm, 2nd Morning 9.00am – 12.30pm


DIGITAL MARKETING 2017 is a private, one-to-one tactical briefing for senior executives on “sales-driven” digital marketing. The workshop is designed to help you quickly acquire a strategy-level understanding of the digital marketing landscape. Over two mornings, the workshops will help you to understand the role of digital marketing in your organisation, the elements which require budgetary focus and the components for which you will need to assign in-house resource.


Digital Marketing 2017

Digital Marketing 2017


You may have noticed a change recently to the basic “language” of digital marketing? If you did, then you will have heard terms such as inbound marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, CRM integration with tracking analytics, semantic search – and many other ‘new’ ideas. These are not just terms. They represent a whole new ball game when it comes to getting real results from your digital marketing effort.


DIGITAL MARKETING 2017 is a one-time opportunity for you to get familiar with current best practice in marketing your products and services on the internet. No previous knowledge is required, but a general awareness of what online marketing is will help. Whether or not you are currently engaged in one or more digital marketing activities, the seminar will remove the cloak of mystery that surrounds some of the newer ideas in digital mastery and will bring clarity to their implementation.


This is not “death by powerpoint” – unless you want it to be! You are encouraged, during the seminar to interact and ask questions that will help bring clarity to issues as they are covered. Interaction will be managed by the presenter such that it stays on-topic and is contained to ensure that the seminar’s intended content gets adequately covered. All PraxisNow’s recent programmes have been held in this way and it is both highly enjoyable and effective for everyone.


One intended outcome of the event is to send you away with a least one major idea you can work with that will get results for you. In practice, you could expect to bring away many.


This is not a day for theoretical ideas. Every single concept you will hear about can be practically applied using a combination of the knowledge you acquire and software tools / services that are designed to purpose. Should you decide to implement any of the concepts, PraxisNow is available to assist you if needed.


The concepts and ideas covered are not light-weight. They focus on the things that really count when it comes to an organisations digital marketing effectiveness – from traffic generation and conversion optimisation to lead capturing and digital lead nurturing. The seminar is contained so that it can cover its subject matter in the allotted time, so you can expect closure on each idea in a way that can get you started as you execute.



  • A run-through of the major changes that have occurred in the digital marketing landscape in recent years
  • A detailed look at how your online sales process can be literally revolutionised using the latest digital techniques. This will make so much sense to you that you will want to just go out and get it done immediately!
  • How new analytics is changing the way we see prospects – and even customers – forever.
  • Content Marketing; what it means for you and your digital endeavours, and how you can organise your initiative to keep it both manageable and effective.


    • Conversion Optimisation: What are the various things that determine whether your website delivers on its primary purpose – or not, as is the case with 90%+ of websites.
    • Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the semantic era. Last year we saw Google switch to a completely new SEO paradigm – semantic search. So how is it coming along and what can we expect as we search optimise our websites going forward into 2017/2018?
    • Tapping the long-tail! How to tap into Google’s ever increasing focus on long-tail, “conversational” search, using intent-based indicators that switch emphasis away from keyword targeting and more toward indicators of search intent. You will never think of SEO in the same way again!
    • A brief run-through of Google AdWords; what to watch for, how to use search and display advertising to reach more and more defined segments of your served market and how to avoid leaving major funds on the table by poor setup.
    • Time allowing, we’ll look at the listening channels of social media, its role in the distribution of content and the risks of spending too much resource on a channel that only converts for some!