Your Digital Selling Process is Unique

For now, let’s define Digital Selling as Digital Marketing with a clear sales goal rather than a brand awareness goal. It presumes your investment focus will be on activities that build sales rather than activities that build brand. Both are of course important!

Digital selling obliges you to look at everything from defining in micro-level detail the online behaviours of your target persona (so you can be where they are), to articulating digital value propositions on your website that compel action. Your focus of attention should be on process – specifically your digital sales process.

Its structure may be drawn from best practice, but what you do and how you do it at each stage of the digital selling process is very specific to you. Your content will be unique, how you have defined its performance, how you measure it and what exact role each piece of content has in the process, is up to you.

Your Digital Selling Process

A core premise of inbound marketing is the alignment of your online sales process with your ideal (sweet-spot) customer’s buying cycle.  Of course, this implies that you understand four very important things:

  1. Who your ideal target customer is.
  2. What the stages are in their buying cycle
  3. Their digital “behaviours” at each stage in the buyer cycle, and
  4. You have mapped, in detail, your digital sales process.

All four of the above are high payback items for you. But they are complex, and whilst you may have much of this information in your head or available to you, it is quite a challenge to centralise and articulate it in a way that is conducive to:


– using a combination of CRM, Marketing Automation software, Analytics and Content distribution, and

Content alignment

– identifying the right content to target each stage in the process.

Drilling down into these steps can form an early part of your engagement with PraxisNow. The more detail that can be identified, the more effective your digital sales process will be once it is implemented. The process is iterative and will likely be revisited several times as your solution evolves.


Inbound Marketing

“Any analytics-driven digital marketing activity that leverages content to . . .

Giving Purpose to Content

. . . capture, nurture and score (qualify) sales leads based on levels of engagement within and across digital channels”

Sales Lead Capture

A transition from the anonymous to the identified

Opt-in | Phone | eMail

on the back of a compelling value proposition

Lead Nurturing

Warming up your sales leads - guiding them down a process

Building Value Reputation

to ultimate conversion. May use outbound intervention.