Effective Websites

It may seem obvious, but “performance-tuned”, effective websites are those that can compete with, and beat, their competitors. That means not only looking and feeling professional – as effective business websites must, but outperforming them on search engines like Google, converting website visitors into sales leads and working 24×7 to constantly intercept the search behaviours of your target audience. In essence, effective websites achieve the goals that are set for them. That said, particularly among SME’s, ¬†relatively few business websites are performing anything like their potential.

Business Websites must compete in many competitive envirinments

One reason for this is that of misinformation – not intentional, but by poorly informed advisors. SEO competency in particular is widely claimed and tiny or useless search footprints are too often the order of the day. In reality, SEO is not something that can be implemented easily. It takes time and much of that time should be spent up-front on identifying target search behaviours, both key-phrase based and semantic search behaviours, which can be viably intercepted. This is where many mistakes are made – not knowing whether it is viable or not to acquire placement traction against the search behaviour that has been identified.

The bottom line is that companies have businesses to run and cannot afford to waste time and money going down cul-de-sacs.

PraxisNow has several SEO solutions that we can propose to you, from building and managing a website’s SEO footprint directly for you, or mentoring you through a structured SEO process that up-skills you to d it directly, or a full SEO service over six months to a year depending on the specific challenge you face.

If it is accepted that effective websites combine three elements – (1) professional web design, (2) high quality SEO and (3) conversion optimisation, then no one element, on its own, is sufficient to render a website to be effective. All three elements must therefore be addressed, and therefore your task of choosing a ‘digital’ partner may be more difficult that you had anticipated. What is certain is that the skill-sets of all three are different, and just because one vendor is especially strong in a single area does not mean that they are a good choice.

See the following summaries for a treatise on each:

SEO Service

Conversion Optimisation

Modern Website Design (coming shortly!)