Google Search Footprint

It is amazing the number of companies who still don’t care about their company website’s performance on Google. Perhaps because they do not believe that effective international SEO is within their reach – whatever the reason,  they may never discover the new doors that it may open. So here are ten reasons why your Google search footprint is in fact extremely important and very much within your reach:

Access More Buyers:

All the major analysts will confirm that 83%+ of both offline and online buyers conduct their research online first – that means using a search engine. In Ireland, there’s a 78% chance that the search engine is Google and an 11.4% chance that it’s Bing. Your Google search footprint is therefore a key indicator of your market presence.

Manage Your Reputation:

If your company is not directly visible against a good quality search phrase, something about you or your company may well still be present – but that content is currently outside your control – good, bad or indifferent. Whether it is a poor review, negative customer rating or other content, your reputation is at stake and exercising some control over it is a viable if you decide to manage it.

Stop giving it to your Competitors:

If you are not there when a potential customer is searching for what it is that you sell, you can be certain that a competitor’s website is – by accident or by design. So why make it easy for them when it is viable for you to acquire a managed search presence?

Taking the Top Places:

In Search, there is a dramatic fall-off in click-through visitors after position 3.5. You will attract significantly more visitors to your website by being in the top three positions against a given search than being in position 4 or below. So your goal is not to get onto page 1 – it is to acquire placement in the top three positions.

10:1 Organic:Paid Click-through ratio:

Did you know that there are ten times the click-through visitor traffic coming from the unpaid left-side “organic” search listings than there are from the paid “Google Adwords” listings. So acquiring and maintaining organic placement for the right search phrases is one of the very best things you could do for your business.

Retail Bricks & Mortar and Mobile Search:

If you are in retail and conduct business with your customers from a physical premises, then mobile search is especially important to you. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets/iPads to find and locate retail outlets on the mainstreet. Google places gives them a blue “follow-me” path straight to your front door. Footfall prospective customers are targetable with mobile search.

Lowest cost per Lead generated

Leads generated from organic search are among the lowest cost sales leads you can acquire from any channel. Your Google footprint is also a consistent lead source and, combined with web page conversion optimisation techniques is even more effective at generating superior quality sales enquiries.

Consistently among the Top 3 Inbound Marketing channels

Organic search optimisation is consistently cited among the top 3 inbound marketing channels for best return on investment. You are likely to get more bang for your buck via SEO than most other marketing channels.

Better targeting of served market than any other channel

Because your organic footprint can be sculpted to match any search behaviour you identify, good search optimisation focuses specifically on the search behaviours of your target audience without cluttering your visitor traffic with poor qualify visitors who will never convert to a sale.

Confers an Asset Value on your Website

So, what is the value of a website that has no search footprint? Close to zero. Whereas, if your website has a major search footprint, its value to, say, an acquiring organisation, is its ability to provide access to your served market. How much is that worth? Significant when earned and maintained.

If you can see the value of search, why not appoint PraxisNow as your search partner. Call us on 01-2360076 to discuss what we could do for your search footprint.