To achieve an international search presence in your target geography, it is necessary to compete with websites that are local within the target market and which benefit from Google’s declared preference to show local results on its results pages. So to succeed in international SEO, when in Rome, you really do need to be Roman.

PraxisNow would like to be your International SEO project partner.

We have completed many internationaol SEO projects and understand the geo-targeting and cultural requirements of acquiring an international search footprint.

Before deciding on a particular International SEO Strategy

It is not that case that a single website can successfully compete on the search engines in every country of the world. However, if your business wishes only to compete for unique brand names and avoid generic search queries, it is a lot easier to do! Few companies fall into this category however. It is more likely that you will be attempting to compete head-on against local SEO competition using a defined set of search behaviours.

It is worth considering that your SEO competitors are not the same as your normal day-to-day trading competitors. In SEO, whatever websites current hold positions 1 to 5 against the totality of your targeted search behaviours, there are your SEO competitors – not those against who you tender on a day to day bases. Many of these SEO competitors will be there by accident rather than by design. In these cases, you may have certain low-hanging fruit that might make good early targets. In other cases, where you have direct, sophisticated SEO competitors who are there by design, you will have several challenges to overcome.

Indeed, even in a situation where you successfully overcome these later competitors and get places on the top organic search results, you will need to consider whether the effort to sustain that position is delivering the required sales return.

Your international SEO effort has many paths you can take and PraxisNow would welcome the opportunity to guide you through this journey and adapt as will be necessary to arrive ata sustainable international SEO presence that delivers an investment return.

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