A Landing Page Should Engage & Convert

Your Landing Page goal is to plant a compelling value proposition in front of your prospective buyer in a way that is engaging, simple to understand and is presented in a credible way.

As you look at a Landing Page, if you can interpret multiple potential objectives from it, then you need multiple landing pages – with one objective each!

To Convert or Not to Convert

You should view every single page on your website as a Landing Page.

A landing page can be defined as one or more pages on your website that has a single objective – to convert against its intended purpose.

It does not need to be just a page. I some cases it may be appropriate to split is up into several pages (a process) such that each page attempts to nurture the visitor to the next step (page) in the process, to point of ultimate conversion – typically a lead capture or a sale if you sell online. There are four things which determine the likelihood of a landing page achieving its purpose:

  1. Traffic quality
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Presentation
  4. Process

We can help you to specify a landing page policy, including split testing that will maximise the impact of your future campaigns.



Aligned to a campaign goal


. . . outside your sales process. Too many tangents and distractions are the bane of landing page design.


Test just one change at a time so you can determine the cause of an effect


Be sure to have enough visitors experience you Landing Page before completing the test and drawing conclusions.


You will lose up to 50% of visitors is less than 8 seconds. Make it scan-proof.


Minimal content, compelling value proposition, well presented in readable form, large font headline (short), responsive – you can’t go too far wrong!