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CORK: not yet scheduled

For four consecutive Thursday mornings
Venue: Clarion Hotel, Lapp’s Quay

WATERFORD: not yet scheduled

For four consecutive Thursday mornings
Provisional venue: TBA

Times – 8.30am – 12.30pm.



In 2015, most of what you know as the traditional rules of SEO will be obsolete. They have been progressively replaced with new rules based on “semantic” or intent-based search. Effective SEO execution requires you to align your content to the search intentions of your targeted persona(s) – not just target “keywords”. This is a complete rewrite of the book of SEO.

Recent participants on this programme include: SEo Companies .

Welcome to the most comprehensive and practical SEO training programme you are likely to find. It is the first programme of its type to address the new SEO requirements of semantic search. This means that you are future-proofing your SEO skills by tapping into not only what is taking place now, but where SEO is going in the future.

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Search engine optimisation is now centre-stage of most organisation’s digital marketing strategies. Too big and too critical an area for most organisations to be glossed over in one or two lectures as part of a digital marketing course, specialist SEO training is now demanded by companies who take their digital presence seriously. For a channel that occupies a sizable chunk of most corporate marketing budgets, a truly comprehensive SEO competency building programme has been notable by its absence – until now![/box]

PraxisNow has introduced a comprehensive, in-depth series of round-table (square actually!) workshops that will allow a limited number of participants to specialise in SEO practice and to put in place the processes and on-going learning that will keep their skills current. [box type=”bio”]

Learn SEO in 4 weeks as part of a Round-table Group of like-minded Businesses

[/box] The programme has the following aims:

  • To build SEO competency from beginner through to an advanced level – sufficient to effectively engage real-world SEO challenges.
  • To provide a level of specialist training in very specific SEO topics that is not readily available elsewhere.
  • To enhance future employment prospects for those wishing to become professional SEOs
  • To recognise SEO competency at SEO practitioner level with direct certification.
  • To give Irish-based corporations an alternative to off-shore outsourcing by boosting competency here at home.

Despite the fact that SEO is widely recognised as the single biggest of all the digital channels, it is such a fast moving subject that few organisations anywhere in the world have been brave enough to accredit a specialist SEO qualification. Nevertheless, as you will see,  it is entirely feasible to plug-in to and keep up-to-date with major SEO changes as they evolve and this SEO Certificate course will equip you not only with best current SEO practice but with a process that will get you up-to-date and keep you there without veering off-track via the many side-tracks that are out there!

Scheduled Workshops:

The workshops span the entire SEO competency spectrum from beginner to advanced and take place over four mornings over four consecutive weeks. Each module covers several key specialist areas of SEO. The intent of the workshop programme is to build SEO competency in real-world search engine optimisation environments. There is no recognised SEO certification body, so for those who complete all 4 workshops, followed by successfully completing a challenging SEO assignment, PraxisNow will directly certify individuals as having successfully completed the programme.


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Who is it for:

Any level of SEO ability from beginner to advanced will benefit from the programme. The advanced ideas of semantic alignment of content, the role of SEO in content marketing and other ideas will be covered. Several disciplines including marketing, business, sales and IT have attended thus far.