SEO COURSES: from a half-day briefing to full 8-week SEO Practitioner Certification

Choose any of the scheduled group-based SEO courses or an individually tailored one-to-one SEO workshop to suit your specific training needs.


Whichever SEO course you choose, you can be sure that it is:

PRACTICAL: Focussed on things you can do to significantly improve your website’s organic search footprint

UP-TO-DATE: Based on the latest Google algorithm updates as well as best practice from around the world (not just Ireland).

ENGAGING: Structured in a way that you will both enjoy and optimally absorb its content.

EFFECTIVE: Designed to help you get results – not just learn the theory.

SEO Courses Certification - SEO Qualification
SEO Mentor one to one seo training course
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SEO Practitioner Certification:

Beginner to Intermediate:4 mornings over 4 weeks

Advanced SEO: 4 mornings over 4 weeks

SEO Certification CourseThis is PraxisNow’s premier SEO programme! It is an intensive, group-based, round-table learning experience that is designed to take you from first principles through to an advanced understanding of SEO in practice. If you hold accountabiity for SEO in your organisation, this programme will help you meet that responsibility and help you to drive effective SEO strategy now and into the future.



SEO Mentoring Programme: 4 Half-days over 6 weeks

PraxisNow has continually updates and run this SEO mentoring programme over several years and it has become the flagship one-to-one company engagement programme. The programme is focused on the practical optimisation of your website (only one website can be chosen) using a refined SEO process that has evolved and which has been proved over and over again. It consists of four individual half-day workshops each of which combines theory and practice (where possible). Between workshops, participants will have specific tasks to complete befre commencing the next workshop. This is a one-to-one consultative and mentoring approach to search optimising your business website.


SEO Training 1-1: Two half-days

Designed to be contained into two intense half-day one-to-one consultation sessions, the first half-day focuses specifically on your website and identifies key structural and content changes required to improve its organic search performance on Google in particular, but also n other search engines such as Bing. The intentions is that you will record these specific recommendations and have them implemented directly. Once implemented, the second half-day will audit these changes with you and give you an additional set of incremental and on-going changes or processes which will steadily build your website’s organic search performance over time.

SEO Briefing: Half Day

Dublin SEO 2014 BriefingThis is a half-day workshop designed especially to acquaint you with radical new changes to the SEO landscape brought about by the introduction of Google’s “Hummingbird” algorithm update. Although it also includes other related changes outside of Hummingbird such as content quality assurance, analytics changes and other relevant updates, the primary learning outcome of this SEO course is to equip you with a practical and conceptual understanding of how you can leverage these new changes during your future website optimisation process.

SEO Training: 1-Day

A full day intensive, condensed SEO training course that will take you from first principles through to a comprehensive understanding of the SEO process. This programme is mentally taxing and requires a lunch break![/one_half_last]

All of the above programmes are right up-to-date with best SEO practice from the premier sources of SEO expertise from around the globe. Indeed, one of the SEO Practitioner programme’s 17 modules actually up-skills you in how to maintain your SEO knowledge by highlighting the very best information sources and resources in the practice of SEO – itself, an extremely high value component of the programme.