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The option of using a digital marketing and SEO mentor is often overlooked by companies because it is unusual to be offered one! Yet it is one of the most powerful and effective things you can do to deliver maximum digital impact in the shortest period of time.

Using PraxisNow as your digital marketing and SEO mentor not only provides you with premier-class SEO expertise, but when needed, we can dive into other aspects of your wider digital initiative from content strategy through website and digital infrastructure to analytics. Having this single, independent, “connected view” of the digital world by your side, changes everything . . .

Independent, Up to Date & Pragmatic

Digital marketing, and in particular SEO, have changed dramatically in recent years. Google’s search results have become “semantically driven” – based on search intent and less dependent on the old “keywords in isolation” paradigm. Areas such as Marketing Automation and CRM have become integrated (ref. Marketo, Hatchbuck, HubSpot, Act-On, Get Response, Interfusion etc…). Tracking and tagging of digital actions have become synonymous with user experience (UX) improvement, conversion refinement and “path to purchase” optimisation in e-Commerce websites.

Individual, specialist experts have evolved in every one of these areas. PraxisNow is not one of them (with the exception perhaps of SEO), but it is relatively authoritative in each area to the extent that it will know if or when the time is ever right to introduce a specialist in a given area.

In each area, multiple vendors exist, each of which will steer you in a direction that favours their solution. That is, until you meet your first major conflict or challenge between different areas. Often, you are not even aware that there is or was a conflict until it is too late to change. So which is right – website UX over SEO? Information dashboard over detailed data analytics? Paid advertising or organic pursuit? A blog on your own domain or on an external platform? These are real challenges and the questions never end.

Process & Efficiency Over Technical Barriers

PraxisNow puts process and efficiency over any technology or knowledge barriers which can be solved is different way. You need to drive the most effective implementation for your particular business and as your SEO mentor, we’ll help you to navigate the quagmire. Whether for SEO alone or other process, being able to do that in one place (and often, but not always, in real time) gives you a major competitive advantage over others who are persuaded by the loudest voice or the one who seeks an immediate solution to their own individual problem. When you get to know PraxisNow, you’ll discover why this relationship, experience, and ultimately trust is one of the most powerful things that you can have at your side to give you confidence in the decisions you take in digital marketing.


SEO Mentoring Versus SEO Training

SEO process training and learning is a part of SEO mentoring. It is a very personal and effective way to develop the SEO competency with your team that will deliver results  in the shortest time. Although SEO is not a “fast burn”, the are areas of SEO that can be leveraged for short term results while other areas are being addressed. PraxisNow uses an evolved, highly structured SEO mentoring process to ensure that every customer engagement is an effective one. Each engagement combines learning with task definition,  individual task execution methodology and task implementation auditing.

The teaching components in a PraxisNow SEO mentoring programme are founded on two continually updated, publicly-run SEO Practitioner learning programmes; the real-world Practitioner’s SEO course and the Advanced SEO course. Indeed most of our mentoring customers either participate in these public courses or engage them formally, one-to-one (or one-to-team) with PraxisNow as part of classroom learning.

SEO Mentoring Versus Outsourcing SEO Completely

You have the option of outsourcing your SEO initiative entirely to PraxisNow. It is more expensive that way, but it may suit companies whose marketing resources are otherwise engaged in different areas of the business or where resource availability is tight. Indeed there are many cases where engaging SEO internally is simply not a good use of time by the people available. PraxisNow can take SEO completely off your hands if you prefer it that way.

Using an SEO Mentor – How it Works

Depending on the size and nature of your SEO project, at the low end, we would meet (for a few hours typically) once or twice per month with email and telephone contact in-between plus direct PraxisNow task auditing and analysis (if included). At the high-end, we would meet at least three or four times per month with more intensive task mentoring in between. In extreme cases, PraxisNow is sometimes required to take on an SEO coaching role rather than a pure mentoring role. The difference is PraxisNow’s partial direct involvement in executing analysis tasks and some of the implementation tasks alongside the person / team being mentored. This relationship is more expensive than mentoring alone but can be less expensive than outsourcing.

How long does it take?

You may want to use PraxisNow forever – but if you don’t, the recommended minimum engagement duration is 12 months. There are two options available to you within this context. You can decide only to engage for six months (a slightly higher monthly cost) with the option of continuing for a second six month period. If you go with this option, there are higher costs incurred by PraxisNow during the first three months for analysis and competitive benchmarking which are not charged to you as we can absorm them into the six monthly engagment. However, a trial three month engagement option is also available to you. The monthly cost for this option is higher again as can are unable to absorb the front-loaded analysis and benchmarking costs. Should you proceed to a six or twelve month engagement after that, the costs will revert to normal.

Unless agreed otherwise, most face-to-face meetings will take place at PraxisNow’s offices.


We would love to hear from you either by emailing John directly at or by calling 01-2360076. Alternatively, complete the form at the top of this page and we’ll contact you.

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