SEO Support services range from basic email support (SILVER), through telephone support (GOLD) and onto full proactive assistance (CUSTOM)

SEO Support Service

SEO Support Service

Over the years PraxisNow has often considered introducing an SEO support service which would allow any organisation – whether a small business or multi-national corporation, to access our SEO resource. By doing this, we could demonstrate to you, cost-effectively and over time, that having access to our SEO resource on an on-going basis, can help you through the ever-changing Google algorithms and latest SEO techniques and indeed help you to avoid new pitfalls as they invariably arise.


So here they finally are, from our most basic email-based support plan to our full-service customised SEO support partnership – our Platinum plan.

[box type=”info”] If you are an Agency and would like to provide a white-label SEO support service to your customers, we would be glad to provide it on your behalf.[/box]






Our Silver level SEO support service is our entry level plan and for a small monthly fee, allows you to ask up to four SEO-support questions per month by email. Subject to our standard terms and conditions, the Silver plan does not guarantee you a response time, however, we will make our best efforts to answer all issues within a 24 hour period and very often will answer you with an hour.







Our Gold level SEO support service is similiar to Silver but lets you talk to us directly by telephone in addition to email. You can raise up to five SEO support issues per month and engage with us using either telephone and / or email. Subject to our standard terms and conditions, the Gold plan does not guarantee you a response time or that we will always be available when you call, however, we will make our best efforts to contact you as soon as possible after receiving your query and will strive to answer all issues within a 24 hour period.







Our Platinum SEO support plan is a custom-designed support service to meet your specific needs. It is designed in collaboration with you so that you have available to you the expertise and quality of response needed to ensure that your SEO programme stays on track regardless of the nature of challenges that arise. This programme can be tailored to incorporate update briefings on new Google algorithmic changes which we feel you will need to react to or which we consider likely to affect your future ranking. As a Platinum service subscriber, you could expect to pay €400 to €1,000 or more per month depending on how comprehensive your support requirement may be.







As SEO specialists, we live in a world of continual learning, continual practice and, although thankfully not continual, we are often engaged in troubleshooting SEO issues which have either caused a Google “slap” or which simply manifest themselves by our clients failing to get any brand or brad-neutral search presence at all – before we arrived of course! The diversity of this experience positions PraxisNow extremely well to deliver a consistently excellent SEO support service to your clients. So if you are an agency, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your client’s SEO needs whether at project level or SEO support alone.

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