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4 Mornings over 4 Weeks – 8.30am-12.00pm – starting on

 Friday 16th March 2018
and continuing on 23rd Mar, (skip Good Friday!) 6th & 13th April.

(includes inter-workshop tasking for those who can implement SEO as the programme progresses)

VENUE: PraxisNow, Sandyford, Dublin 18
TIMES: All dates 8.30am – 12.00pm: 4 Mornings over 4 Weeks
FEE: €1,500 per participant (€2,300 for two participants)

TO REGISTER: CALL 01-2360076

(** If your business employs less than 10 people, or if you wish to register as a group, we may be able
to offer you a reduced fee on this programme pending space availability.
Please call 01-2360076)

The SEO Practitioner programme is an enterprise class, intensive 4-mornings over 4-weeks SEO training course with optional inclusive task mentoring between workshops.  It is especially designed for digital marketing managers, corporate product managers and business owners.  Combining the latest techniques in semantic SEO with tactical insights from a wider digital marketing perspective, the programme is the SEO course of choice by many of Ireland’s leading organisations.

Not confined to tactical SEO execution alone, the role of SEO in areas such as content marketing and digital strategy is explored. Participants will leave with an implementation competency level in SEO that puts them several steps ahead of most, if not all of their competitors.


Please send an email to , or

Call us directly on 01-2360076

Please note that as this is a small-group programme, advance payment is required upon registration (direct bank transfer or PayPal) before your place can be confirmed. As space is very limited, please call to confirm availability. 

PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitioner

PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitoner

PraxisNow will directly certify participants who successfully complete a challenging SEO process exercise at the end of the programme. Successful participants will be awarded the “PraxisNow Certified SEO Practitioner” Certificate.

SEO Certification icon

They will also be authorised to use the linked certified SEO practitioner icon on their digital collateral.

“One of the best-taught classes I’ve ever attended. . . is immensely knowledgeable and well organized . . . class room exercises and open discussions very beneficial . . . provided opportunity to practice the concepts and learnings from each module . . . I highly recommend this course to all with any level of SEO ability”.

Carol, AIB

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“SEO is the process through which
the value of content is crystallised”

In recent years, traditional keyword-based SEO has been progressively downgraded with new rules based on “semantic” or intent-driven search results. Effective SEO implementation now requires you to align your content to the search intentions of your targeted persona(s) – not just target “keywords”. This change represents a radical rewrite of the book of SEO.

The process of SEO sits at the very heart of digital marketing strategy. It is the key that unlocks the power of content by empowering content to “independently locate it’s targeted consumer“.

Note: If you are a complete beginner in SEO, let us know when you register and, pending a minimum of four participating companies, PraxisNow will invite you to a complimentary SEO induction morning on a date sometime before Workshop 2 of the programme. This induction session (2 hours) will bring you to a point that you will be able to fully keep pace in the 4-week SEO Practitioner training programme.

Some Previous Practitioner SEO Training Course Participants

Certified SEO Training Course Participants

“This is a great course – full of practical, myth-busting information. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about SEO”.

Angela, LabUnlimited

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Who Should Attend This SEO Course?

Whether you are new to SEO or have had some experience with it, this SEO course will take you on a journey that will stay with you for many years. After the first 2 SEO workshops (stage 1), all participants will be on a par in terms of their core understanding of current best practice in SEO implementation.

Thereafter, during Stage 2, the more advanced ideas of semantic alignment of content, the role of SEO in content marketing and other ideas will be covered. Several disciplines including marketing, business, sales and IT have attended thus far.

Scheduled SEO Workshops:

The four SEO workshops span the entire SEO execution competency spectrum. From fundamental SEO process, through to the best SEO tools and execution methods associated with more advanced SEO ideas – all are covered.

By design, this is a small group, roundtable programme, typically consisting of between three and eight participating companies, using live demonstrations, supporting slides and interactive discussion.

Please see the top of this page for next course dates and contact us on 01-2360076 to confirm place availability.

Inter-Workshop Task Mentoring

Although not required, for participants who are in a position to implement SEO as the programme progresses, email and telephone based task mentoring between workshops is included in your registration fee. This will continue for one week after the final workshop date.

“. . . highly recommend . . . covers both basics and more advanced practice . . . especially enjoyed learning about the useful tools . . . myth debunking . . . competitor analysis sections very interesting . . . would advise anyone considering an online presence to attend this course in advance”.


SEO courses

Learn SEO progressively in 4 mornings spread over 4 weeks as part of a round-table group of like-minded businesses. During stage 1 alone (first two mornings), you will learn current best practice in SEO and will be capable of significantly boosting your website’s organic performance – even before you enter the Advanced stage – the second two mornings.

Programme Aims

  • To remove the execution barriers of effective SEO – irrespective of technical knowhow.
  • To build SEO competency from early stage awareness through to an execution level proficiency that will empower you to effectively engage real-world SEO challenges.
  • To provide a level of specialist training in very specific SEO topics that is not readily available elsewhere.
  • To provide you with a comprehensive, structured SEO implementation process that will get you results as it is implemented.
  • To help you execute on SEO in a way that sets you apart from your competitors over time.
  • To provide mentoring guidance during the programme for those who can simultaneously implement.
  • To give Irish-based corporations an alternative to off-shore outsourcing by boosting competency here at home.


Only one of the following offers may be taken up per company per course. If you wish to take up one of the following offers, please advise your preferred offer at time of registration.


Please send an email to , or

Call us directly on 01-2360076


If you attended PraxisNow’s WordPress SEO Course within the last three months, you can offset it’s €500 cost against your SEO Practitioner Registration Fee at time of booking. VALUE: €500


Two participants may attend from the same organisation for a combined registration fee of €2,300. VALUE: €700


When you book and pay for your registration two weeks in advance of the course start date, PraxisNow will do a live SEO walkthrough (audit) of your website with you at PraxisNow’s offices within one month of the programme end date. VALUE: €750