Sales growth with conversion optimisation


The way Software companies sell in 2015 is radically different to the way they used to sell. Personal relationships and perceived value based on specialist subject matter expertise are still as key as they ever were. But . . .

. . . opening up new sales opportunities and developing those opportunities to conclusion uses a completely different process. That process is “digital” and thankfully, it is a far lower cost to execute than expanding an already high cost sales resource. What’s more, used in the right way, “digital” allows Software companies to reach into the deepest corners of their served markets in a way that was only dreamed of a few years ago.

Few industries have seen the scale of change that the Software industry underwent over the past 10 years. The Software industry has been completely transformed by its transition from high value, big ticket enterprise licensing to Software as a Service (SAAS). The effect of this was / is to radically reduce up-front license fees based on initial user adoption and minimalist function. Thus, to thrive in this new SaaS era, the dependencies on early stage professional services and ultimately ramping up to wider scale adoption with effective account management have never been more critical,

Thus set the stage for the increasingly important role of account management that could deliver the required scale that used to be possible in an up-front commitment. The big challenge now?


Perhaps not too surprisingly in 2015, this is something that digital marketing does very well indeed. It all starts with a new understanding of your “online sales process” and how its maps to your target end user’s “buyer cycle”.


Knowing (1) how to attract the right type of visitor traffic to your website, is one of three big pieces in modern digital marketing. The other two are (2) knowing what to do with these visitors when they arrive onto your website, and (3) knowing how to digitally nurture them once they have been identified. Get a grip on this three level process and you will see the function of Sales in a very different light indeed.

One fast and effective way for you to do this is by taking a day out on 10th December to make this happen:


“Digital Marketing 2015” is a private senior executive briefing that will have a significant impact on how you leverage digital to sell your software solution. It will cover the new selling paradigm and is designed for CEO’s and Executive Marketing personnel.

Topics covered in the Digital Marketing 2015 Briefing include:

  • Mapping your online sales process
  • Understanding your target audiences buyer cycle
  • Aligning your content to the changing needs in the buyer cycle
  • Inbound marketing and sales-centric analytics
  • Content Marketing with a sales objective
  • Semantic SEO – tapping into your search target’s true intent
  • Pay-per-click – Google Search and Disply advetising
  • [time allowing] The social listening channels

Divided over two half-days. it will help you to hit the ground running in 2015 and if it doesn’t change the way you think about selling, then it’s because you are already so successful that it just doesn’t matter anymore! Call 01-2360076 to schedule this programme.