If you’ve been wondering why you’ve invested / are investing so much time and effort into your website, you may have lost sight of what its objectives were in the first place – or you may even have given up in the belief that its original goals now seem unattainable.

website performanceOne hopes that it wasn’t just brand alone, or to produce a form of digital brochure to which your prospective customers could be referred for “further information”!

Good website performance is often characterised, where lead generation is a goal, by two specific website attributes:

  • pages on the website are designed to “steer” their visitors down a particular path – perhaps towards a sale (e-shop) or towards a particular action which moves the visitor one step closer to a sale. In the case of a non e-shop, such an action is often an enquiry of some form – ie. the visitor becomes a sales lead.
  • each of its pages are search-engine-optimised so that they are visible on search engines such as Google or Bing against search phrases which pre-qualify particular visitors as being “in the zone” of a potential sales prospect.

In high-performing websites, the budget allocation for the above two activities significantly exceed the cost to design and build the website itself. So if your website is not performing, could this be a reason?