Website Visitors – Quality and Volume Count

It can be argued that good digital marketing practice may actually reduce the number of visitors to your website, however the quality of any individual visitor is such that they are more likely to buy from you.

This means that your digital selling focus should be on tapping into a buying community whom you have specifically identified through an understanding of their online “behaviours”; where they go, how they search and so on. This is your targeted DIGITAL PERSONA and it is possible that you may have several of them.

Website Traffic Quality

Your website (or other digital property) can only perform effectively if the website visitor traffic coming into it is capable of buying from you. Yes, you may have a brand awareness objective, but PraxisNow’s particular take on digital marketing has a direct response / sales slant, so please allow us the license, for now, to assume that you want more buyers!

Whilst email, assuming you have a high quality database, is considered to be the best channel of all from a sale-closing perspective (hence its prolific use in the “lead nurturing” phase of your sales process), there are other channels that are a cut above in terms of bringing high quality visitor traffic to your website.

For example, let’s take organic search (Search Engine Optimisation / SEO). If you sell tennis rackets and someone enters a search for “tennis”, that’s not much good to you as they may be looking to join a tennis club or in finding a local tennis court. But if they search for “Head MC Flash Elite Tennis Racket”, which happens to be exactly what you sell, you now have a potential buyer on your website and that’s the type of “long tail” query you should be targeting.

You might argue that such long-tail terms are only one-off and not worthwhile targeting. If you think this, your SEO knowledge is out of date and you should contact us about a possible SEO engagement!



In some cases less can be more if your captured sales leads or online sales volume increase


Tracking visitor content views, actions and other behaviours will help you determine visitor quality


Progression through each step in your digital sales process is improved with value-driven engagement


Visitors are not coming to your website to be welcomed. They are hunting for something.


You can only control future visits by identifying your visitor and acquiring permission to personally contact them


It’s not just a repeat visit you are looking for, it’s planned content consumption.